About us

Raw.Studio, is a product design studio based in Sydney. Founded by two best mates, Michael and Philippe. They decided to turn a passion into a life long journey.

In 2014 Michael interviewed Philippe for a design role at one of Australia's leading startups. Very quickly they realised how similar their life goals and passion for taking products from zero to one were. Within a year, they designed and launched a number of products, which now attracts over 1.5M+ hits a month.

Through their combined efforts, they have helped lead and design 50+ products, raise $250M+ for their clients, generate over 1.5M+ hits for their own products, present at AdobeMAX in Vegas, have their products featured on TechCrunch and also have Y-Combinator and TechStars NYC invest in the products they've strategised and designed.

In 2019, Michael and Philippe decided to join forces and build Australia's leading product design studio. One that truly understands what it takes to take an idea all the way through to a thriving business.


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Some things you
didn't know about us

We've authored our own web design book
We've been invited to present at AdobeMAX
We built and run the largest UI inspiration website (UI Garage)
We also run Australia's largest design meetup; Sydney Designers
We mentor UX graduates from Academy Xi

Our journey

Raw.Studio was formed in 2019, however a lot has already happened.

June, 2015

Michael interviewed Philippe

In 2015 Philippe left France and landed in Sydney looking for a new design gig. After realising how much they had in common, a new friendship was formed.

December, 2015

UIGarage launched!

In 2015, As a passion project Michael and Philippe launched UIGarage. A database of UI inspiration. It's now the largest hub for all your UI needs with 1M+ hits a month.

Visit UIGarage

Feb, 2017

Snappr makes it into Y-Combinator!

In 2016, Michael and Philippe led the strategy and design for Snappr.co. After an extremely successful launch, the team had been accepted into Y-Combinator!

PS. We're proud to say, they're still our on-going client!

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May, 2017

Vyte.in featured on TechCrunch & reaches 500 paying customers

In early 2017, Vyte.in (another product of Raw.Studio) was featured in TechCrunch as a smarter way to organise meetings!

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Oct, 2017

BukketApp launched!

In late 2017, Michael and Philippe successfully launched Bukket. A tool that helps creatives seamlessly save multiple images from the web. It now has 20,000 active users!

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Jan, 2019

Raw.Studio launched!

After 4 years of friendship and collaboration on numerous products, Michael and Philippe decided to join forces and go Raw!

Oct, 2019

Sydney Designers Meetup launched!

As a way for us to give back to the community, we are committed to running the official Sydney Designers meetup.

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