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A start to a brave, new future

Picture This: It’s the beginning of the year 2020, before global pandemonium and pestilence. Jeremy Gupta, an influential voice in the technology sector, approached our team to re-imagine the Loopit Car Subscription platform (Formerly Blinker).

Jeremy was wowed by our previous work with him on the Autotrader platform. (Check out the case study for details on our collab with Autotrader here). Because we worked so well together, he was keen to collaborate again, this time to push the Loopit Car Subscription platform into a brave, new future.

autotrader raw studio ux product design

A little bit of context..

autotrader raw studio ux product design

HelloCars is definitely not a new kid to the block. They've made their mark and they're known in the automotive space.

Loopit Car Subscriptions is the sister-company of Sydney-based HelloCars. HelloCars is Australia’s first online car dealership and provides car subscriptions as a modern alternative to car ownership. With a strong 500 dealerships utilising their existing platform, HelloCars wanted to productise their technology product into a SaaS.

In other words, they wanted to create a Software-as-a-Service business that empowered dealerships, with their leading and cutting edge car subscription rental product. Thus Loopit Car Subscriptions was born. (Think: Netflix meets car ownership.) This new product was also aimed at dealerships to help salespeople close deals faster and more efficiently. Service design would play a pivotal role in creating a successful car subscription.

Would it be challenging? Yep.

Would we get the job done and exceed all goals? Absolutely. Here’s how we did it..

A quick look at our gameplan

Loopit Colour Palette

Our priority was to create a polished user experience for salespeople and their customers. Design can either build confidence or lose it. Because Blinker would need to communicate professionalism and trust with both end-users and customers.

The first design initiative was to help the Blinker team build a comprehensive design system.

Specifically, we choose:

Simple layout - We wanted to make navigation easy and foolproof.

Large and legible fonts - We went with a sans serif font because it’s easier to read on a screen and at smaller sizes.

Existing brand colours - We re-used Blinker’s existing colours and visual branding components to speed up development cycles.

Our 5 step plan to success

Loopit Audit

Step 1: Performed a detailed audit of the existing platform. We looked at Loopit from the perspective of its end-user. We analysed what worked (and why) and made note of what didn’t.

Step 2: Started a conversation with the Loopit team on our initial impressions and recommendations. Leaning on our years of experience as product designers and problem solvers, we offered tactical improvements and high-level strategic insights to push Loopit forward.

Step 3: In an effort to learn more about how Loopit should work in a real-life environment, we conducted an intensive and collaborative workshop. We wanted to better understand how the point of sale product that we were designing would function with real people under high-pressure circumstances. Specifically, we tackled the question: How would a car salesperson quickly and accurately sell with this product without running into problems or getting frustrated along the way?

Step 4: That led us to this next question: How would the salesperson access Loopit and explain it simply to their customer? We realised that the salesperson would likely use a laptop or tablet to access Loopit and then turn it to face the customer. This would allow the salesperson to explain the car subscription process (i.e. sell the product).

Step 5: Design Loopit for both the salesperson (end-user) and their customer. The key components of the Loopit platform would need to allow dealerships to:

- Get a high-level overview of the car company in the dashboard
- Add, edit, and manage vehicles to rent out
- Add, edit, and manage subscription packages for customers who want to want
- Add, edit, and manage customers along with individual customer plansPerform and review high-level reports

One dashboard to rule them all

LoopIt Dashboard

Next, we focused on designing the components of the Loopit platform.

We helped the team develop an engaging dashboard that would empower salespeople and managers to get a quick high-level overview of their entire customer base and current inventory.

Stakeholders needed to access information at glance, such as revenue and active subscribers — the key business success indicators.

Bringing service design into our digital experience

LoopIt Customer

We weren’t only focused on the car sales team. We also needed the product to be clear for the customer. Customer onboarding would need to be smooth and transparent.

At the top of the page, we implemented a step-by-step progress bar that’s visible to both the salesperson and the customer. The goal was to give a clear expectation of the number of steps remaining.

Our focus was to make it easy to see and select the available cars. We also wanted to make pricing straightforward.

Empowering sales rep with seamless upselling opportunities

LoopIt Subscriptions

Upselling is a beautiful thing. Did you know that up to 30% of your revenue can come from upselling alone? With Loopit, we developed a guided path to an upsell package. First, the customer selects their vehicle. Next, the customer sees the benefits of upgrading.

The design focus was to make the sales process clear and concise while also giving the salesperson the opportunity to drive more revenue through upsells.

We needed to create an easy to understand the process that the salesperson could navigate their customer through. Pick a plan, see the terms, and also see other options without getting overwhelmed.

Price was a huge consideration. We wanted to itemise the price while also providing a clear total for the customer. (This was found at the bottom of the page).

Our goal was to equip the sales rep. The resulting clarity would create a better user experience for both parties and facilitate quick conversions.

Price clarity was a key concern. Our goal was to empower the customer so that they always knew exactly how much they were spending on the transaction.

LoopIt is now live and crushing goals

LoopIt Subscriptions

Customers love it! Early feedback shows that customers love the experience for its clarity and seamlessness.

The company has now grown to a team of 15 and are continuing to push forward confidently. Because people are driving less these days, there’s a shift to flexible, subscription-based models that carry fewer fees and liabilities.

If you're someone who might be interested in subscribing a car or even know of someone at a dealership who might be interested in their new service. Make sure you check out HelloCars or Loopit!

We see a huge opportunity in car subscriptions for the future and are happy to contribute our signature innovative design and lean thinking to the conversation.

Where do you think car subscriptions will head in the near future?

Project summary

4 weeks
LoopIt is now live!
Onboarded "Major clients" within their launch
Featured in AFR
→ Visit LoopIt

"Great team - collaborative, experienced and capable of operating with lean principles. I've used them twice now and their work is Amazing with a capital A."

— Jeremy Gupta
CTO @LoopIt


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