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What’s Soho?

Finding your dream home is a hassle and an arduious process. Soho solves this by taking the monotony of home finding away through the use of Gamification using familar controls and power it with Machine Learning and AI.

The result is an experience that makes one of the most important decision in your life, much more bearable.

Logo Comparison - Raw.Studio


Raw.Studio is to bring forth a reimagined identity, grounded with a story and rationale the spell true to the core values and roots of what Soho is all about.

  • Ideation Workshop
  • Concept Generation
  • Identity Narration
  • Design Iterations
  • Design System
  • Design Documentation
  • Sample Collateral
  • Visual Assets
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Design Workshop

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Let’s Begin

To begin, we’ve discussed with Soho to understand the who, what, and why of Soho’s mission and values, followed by an oppurtunity assesment by auditing the current design approaches of competing establishments. By identifying a pattern that persist in other brands, this presents an oppurtunity to fundamentally bring visual differentiation.

  • A cohesive visual identity that accurately represent what Soho is about.

  • Bolster brand recognition and individuality

  • Shift Soho’s visual outlook to appeal towards a wider demographic.

Group of people in meeting 1 - Raw.Studio
Services Branding at Raw.Studio


A Story Rooted In its Interaction.

Building off the main interaction mechanism in the App procured several solid foundational concepts that was built upon to produce the new identity.

Interaction Graphic - Raw.Studio

Communicating informed homebuying

Soho’s logo ideation revolves around the idea of an assured, certained, homebuying process. So the motifs of houses and direction is used to inform what the logo should be.

Improving visual legibility through colour.

Life in Colour

Colour plays a central role to defining Soho’s brand, when designing the new colours, we’ve looked at what other’s are using, and how we can iterate on the colours that Soho already adopts.

Learn about Gamification in your learn article

  • The team identified that Soho has a strong foundational colour choice that sets them apart

  • The new Colours not only delivers a fresh face to the identity of Soho, but also is designed for accesibility.

  • We went to take the old colour palette, flip the Main and Accent colour around and revamp each colour with a new, more vibrant shade.

Colour Legibility - Raw.Studio

The process resulted in an evolved palette that builds on the old colours by delivering better legibility and offering a fresher outlook for the company as a whole.

Services UI Design at Raw.Studio


The Monogram composes of two simple geometric shapes, arranged and overlayed to produce the shape of an “S” opening the name “Soho” to the viewer.

Services UX Design at Raw.Studio

Design Guideline

Colours - Raw.Studio
Logo Colours 1 - Raw.Studio
Typography - Raw.Studio


App Insitu 1 - Raw.Studio
Bus Stop Ad 1 - Raw.Studio
T Shirt Mockup 1 - Raw.Studio
Tote Bag 1 - Raw.Studio

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