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🚀Product (UI/UX) Designer

Raw.Studio is a highly focused, product design studio in Sydney. When we say we work on exciting projects, we mean it. Our clientele ranges from household startup names including HeyYou, to Y-Combinator and TechStars backed startups like Snappr and PhoneWagon. On top of that, we also work with some of Australia's largest enterprises including IAG.

If you’re looking for variety, challenging problems to solve and a culture that thrives on 'building great products', then you're on the right page.

Why Raw.Studio?

Dropping a humble brag here because we can. You’ll be working with 2 highly, internationally recognised product designers. Michael Wong (also known as Mizko and Mentors at Antler) and Philippe Hong (who has led design teams and runs the official Sydney Designer’s Meetup). With the two of them combined, that’s nearly 20 years of hardcore product design experience. From building their own products and scaling them to 2M users, to working with some of the world’s leading and fastest growing companies. They’ve practically done everything under the ‘UX’ skies. In short, you’ll learn a lot working closely with them.

Who will you be working with?

As mentioned earlier, Michael (Mizko), Philippe, Daniel, Fraz and Sarah(😁our latest hire). You will also work closely with the clients directly. Raw.Studio has ambitious plans to grow both the agency and the innovation lab that incubates new companies.

What will you be working on?

Raw.Studio spends 80% of the time working with external clients, 20% on internal products. That’s why it’s fun, dynamic and always interesting. No matter what type of project, you will be expected to:

• Lead user research and discovery activities
• Create and present wireframes, prototypes, user journeys, proto-personas, low-hi fidelity designs and linked prototypes
• Host and run branding workshops, which feed through into product designs
• Build websites with our favourite tool, Webflow
• Experiment with HTML, CSS and Javascript in building functional prototypes and interactions
• Run lean UX workshops and instil design thinking, lean and agile practices with clients.
• Collaborate with various stakeholders (SME’s, product owners, developers, marketers, sales)
• Go beyond ‘UX’ responsibilities and think strategically about products in a business sense
• Strategise and workshop growth and forward thinking strategies with every product you work on

What can you expect?

💭 Learning and development: We understand the importance of learning and continuous growth. You will have the opportunity to learn directly from the founders themselves. You will also be encouraged to venture out and try new things on your own. We embrace strategic failure and experimentation! Expect to be thrown into the deep-end!

💗 Variety: You will have the opportunity to work across multiple projects. From external to internal. You will be able to exercise many different skill-sets.

📊 Growth: We have big dreams and ambitions. We are always looking for creatives who want to develop their careers as people leaders and senior advisers in the team. Grow with us.

What do you need (required)?

• A portfolio is a must. No portfolio = no interview.
• A passion for problem solving, UX and thinking strategically
• An attitude that embraces failures, wanting to learn and being proactive
• Ability to juggle 2 or more projects at a time
• A positive attitude in team working environments (open to feedback, proactively asking for help etc)
• Having an outcomes first mindset
• Experience with stakeholder management
• Clear communication of ideas and concepts
• Experience in UI/UX design - years don’t matter. Passion and results do though!
• Living in Australia/NZ

✨ Bonus points:

Built side projects: Actions speak louder than words. Show us how passionate you really are.
Side hustles: Whether that’s running an e-commerce store, building your personal brand or even door knocking to sell lollipops. Show us what you’re made of!
• Agency experience: 
Prove to us you really can juggle multiple projects at a time, manage stakeholders and communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly.
• Front-end skills: Can you also dabble in code? This will come with added brownie points.

A little about the team..

Co-founder @RawStudioCo. Mentor @AntlerAustralia. Growing @SprintUI. Obsessed with scaling startups, design, investing, açai bowls and defining success.

Founder of @rawstudioco. Director of Dunno Ventures. Author of “Practical Web Design”. I organise the @SYDdesigners meetup

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