We've designed
10+ multi-million
dollar companies

Raw.Studio supercharges startups and companies with strategies and UI/UX designs that demand results
Our clients have achieved 🚀
Raised $3M &
Y-Combinator Alumni
Raised $3M &
TechStars Alumni
Raised $50M+ &
$100M superfund
95,000+ listings & eBay acquired
$1.3B in solar contracts
15M in transactions

How do we do this?

A modern day approach, for modern day problems

Step 1 — Rapid Traction Pad

We help you strategise a plan to validate your idea, so you know you’re building the right product.

Step 2 — Product Strategy & Tactical Design

We use Product, UI, UX and interaction design to envision a product that meets both customer and business objectives.

Step 3 — Product Optimisation Labs

We utilise tools such as user testing, customer interviews, heat maps, analytics and our experience to help you find product market fit.

Step 4 — Growth Hacking & Sprints

We help you strategise a plan and rapidly execute ideas to start moving the metrics that matter most.

Who have we helped?

Not just a logo dump, see what they’ve said here
$3M+ raised
TechStar NYC
Our own scheduling tool
Raised $50M+
Raised $70M+
15M+ orders
Raised $30M+
Raised $33M+
Raised $30M+
1B+ employee paid
AUS Leading insurance
Raised $10M+
#1 affiliate network
Raised $3M+
#1 practitioner platform
Global giant
IAG subsidiary
Raised $1M+
Paul Bennetts
CEO of Spaceship
"Raw.Studio has been a pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail, UX design and design aesthetic has helped us push the limits on various mobile apps we have designed"
hipages raw.studio
David Vitek
CEO @ HiPages
“Raw.Studio have exceptional designers that have an insane curiosity for solving user problems. They are motivated by a product vision and produce designs that can make the vision come alive. They have a strong work ethic and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Ryan Shank
CEO @ PhoneWagon
“I worked with Raw.Studio extensively for a few months as I was starting PhoneWagon. […] Throughout the entire experience working together, they over-communicated with me so that I never questioned where we were in the process or what the next steps were.

In addition to thinking through an ideal user experience and developing great designs, they were a thought partner that helped me think through complex scenarios. Not only would I recommend Michael, I hope to work with them in the future.”
Matt Schiller
CEO @ Snappr
“If you’re looking for someone who will challenge your UX/UI thinking and really cut to the core of what’s important for users, then Raw.Studio is your team. On top of that, he brings a level of enthusiasm to the craft that is energising for everyone who works with them.”
BT Financial Raw.Studio UX
Mike Yap
UX Lead BT Financial
Raw Studio UX Design
“I collaborated with them on a strategic digital project in the financial services industry. Raw.Studio translated the user experience architecture I had developed into a polished, production-ready user interface. Their combination of intelligence, skill, talent and taste make it easy to recommend them without hesitation.”

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