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Bringing products to life with stunning visuals and animation

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Making the complex simple

The ultimate complexity is often simplicity. Solving complex problems does not necessarily require a complex interface. Through thoughtful application of leading UI design principles Raw.Studio has consistently created world class user interfaces.

Core UI Design services

User Interface

Digital design & graphic design

We’re always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with digital design. The Raw.Studio team stays on the cutting edge of all things digital & graphic design.

  • Digital design for web & mobile
  • Advanced graphic design skills for any medium
  • In-depth knowledge of design principles
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Design systems

We’re veterans when it comes to creating and maintaining design systems. We’ve recently created two highly detailed and robust design systems: Wireframy & Sprint UI

  • Highly customisable & unique component libraries
  • Designing for iOS & Android
  • User interface design specifications & technical feasibility
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UI Animations & motion

Motion and animation play an important role in guiding users through an experience. Drawing attention in an helpful and elegant way, animations are what makes for great products.

  • Functional, meaningful, purposeful animations
  • Stand out with unique interaction design
  • Delight customers with pleasant surprises
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Usability & establish design patterns

It’s not always necessary to re-invent the wheel. Great design is easy to use which often calls for familiar design patterns and industry standard usability.

  • W3 accessibility, usability and inclusion
  • Use established design patterns for increased ease-of-use
  • Software, website & app design that’s familiar yet unique

The benefits

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Customer confidence

You want your customers to feel confidence in your brand. A strong visual design gives customers confidence in your company and provides a sense of legitimacy.

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Visual Identity

UI design has the ability to allow your branding to come to life. Colour, text, and tone of voice will convey your values that have the ability to resonate with the viewers.

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Increase conversion

As with our other services, UI design simply enhances the experience. If a user is enjoying the product, if it is easy to use and visually appealing, they are more likely to convert.

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Customer loyalty

Creating a product centred around the user’s needs creates a pleasant and easy experience for your audience. This will in turn build loyalty to your brand.

Services UI Design at Raw.Studio

Companies we’ve helped through refined interface design

branding snappr


Snappr is used by 53% of the fortune 500 companies. They have redefined the way people book and work with photographers. We are grateful to have helped craft their identify.

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loopit preview case


Loopit has created a SaaS model that revolutionised car subscriptions. We’ve apply a modern UI to their cutting edge car subscription rental product.

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branding compare and connect

Compare & Connect

Compare & connect has helped thousands of Australians find utility plans that fit their needs. We recently redesigned their entire brand & digital experience.

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Latest case studies

Soho - Find the right home match

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Find the right home match


Design System
Design Documentation
Sample Collateral
Visual Assets

loopit - distrupting auto subscriptions


Netflix for car rentals with Loopit


Design System
User Interfaces
Responsive Web Design
35%Conversion Rate Increase
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