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01 The Challenge

Helping patients and practitioners connect seamlessly. is a digital platform and distributor all at once, where patients can connect with health professionals and order recommended health products and medicines.


On the practitioners’ side, helps clinics run more smoothly and be discoverable by potential patients.


Our challenge was to make this experience flawless and fulfilling for both sides of the party.

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02 Our solution

Design an optimised two-sided platform.

Our aim was to design an all-in-one experience for a two-sided platform and optimise it for workflow efficiency, increased purchase sizes and customer retention.

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Design System

03 Brand expansion

Expanding’s visual identity. had a strong brand identity that needed to be expanded across their products and marketing collaterals. We developed and built on their existing visual language, creating a series of illustrations and applying a systematic use of colour and typeface.

Strategic brand application

Whilst had a lot to offer, we wanted to avoid confusion and increase engagement by presenting marketing information in digestible ways.


Using a simple and well-structured information blocks across their website, users are presented with more comfortable way of viewing information.

04 Design System

Building’s design system, iteratively.

We created a streamlined design system for, ensuring efficiency and consistency throughout their products.


We developed the system since the early stages of the project, and let it evolve and improve over time by being agile with each design sprint.

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05 UX Design & Strategy

Designing efficient journeys for patient management.

Patient management is at the core of product. Through user interview and tests, we reduced the users’ learning curve, making the new product accessible.


Our final outcome is an effective solution for practitioners which kept them coming back.

Intelligent software practitioners needed a way to track patients’ prescriptions. Certain ingredients can negatively interact with one another. We created an automated tracking system to prevent human error and avoid negative ingredient interactions.

Meeting patients’ needs

The practitioner’s journey wasn’t the only focus of ours. We also developed the opposite end of the application – the patient’s flow. Finding the right practitioner, making bookings, receiving and managing treatment plans and shopping for prescriptions – all these interactions were covered within the patient’s dashboard.

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Addressing business objectives

To increase purchase sizes and sales, we designed a shopping experience that made it easy for patients to purchase their script after they’ve received it on the same platform.


  • Increased purchase size
  • Increased upsell
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Increasing retention

A reward system was designed to increase customer engagement and retention. Returning customers not only received benefits, but the business was also able to retain and increase customer loyalty. Multiple research and strategy sessions were held to find the most effective solution.

Habit-forming practice

A series of user interactions were developed to let customers earn rewards. Proven gamification techniques were used to ensure the customer is always attempting to further progress with their journey. As a result, users wanted to be a part of an exclusive world and stayed proactive.


  • Increased customer retention
  • Increased user engagement
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