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Research &Strategy

01 The Challenge

Increasing JSA’s profit and client base

JSA came to us intending to increase their sales revenue by 20%. Our challenge was to provide them with a research-proven strategy on how to achieve this goal.

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02 Our solution

Research to identify pain points and improvement.

We proposed an intensive research plan to help us gain customer insights and identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. This helped us establish short and long-term strategies for the business.

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03 Research & Strategy

In-depth research & interviews

We kicked off the project with an in-depth research involving user interviews, competitor analysis, customer journey and more. These techniques let us better understand JSA’s audience and how the product needed to be improved to fit into customer’s lifestyle better.


  • User interviews with 2 coaches, 6 current users & 2 new users
  • Competitor analysis
  • Journey mapping
  • Persona creation
  • Brand & UX Audit
  • Data analysis of funnel to identify drop-out points
  • Business forecast of existing & proposed pricing
  • Short & long term strategy
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Expanding brand image through product experience

During the research phase, we learned that onboarding was not utilised to its full potential. Users were not aware that these questions help the personal coaches create a personalised fitness program for them.


The coaches also did not gain enough information to be able to create a program that best fit the users’ needs and wants. We had to ask more detailed questions about users to ensure fitness programs were truly personalised.


Mimicking a conversation with the brand persona and asking detailed questions during the onboarding helped increase customer conversion and expand the personalisation aspect of the brand.

Guiding user’s journey

Once onboarded, users were unsure what to do next and how to utilise the app to its max potential. For this reason, we introduced a series of action-driving banners that would navigate users to different app sections and educate them about the most valuable features.

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New workout experience

User research revealed that customers were overwhelmed with the many features available. Extensive functionality and data entry made it hard for customers to focus on their workouts.

This insight was the primary driver for re-designing the workout experience. We broke down the journey into viewing, planning and performing the workout. This helped us guide users’ attention and reduce cognitive overload. The new workout screen – simple and functional – lets JSA’s customers focus on the main task – exercising.

Celebrating customer’s milestones

One of the main customer drivers was achieving their fitness goals. We wanted to celebrate users’ achievements to get them even more excited. For this reason, we introduced transitional screens that congratulate users on achieved milestones and inspire more action.

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Fitness challenges have been JSA’s primary driver of customer attraction and retention. For this reason, it was our aim to maximise this feature’s potential further.

We achieved this goal by breaking the flow into distinct and intuitive steps, changing the language to be more relatable and digestible. And finally, introducing visual prompts to guide the customer’s journey.

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