Conversion Rate Optimisation

Generate more qualified customers and leads

Work smarter not harder

As a business, you want your website to be designed in a way that converts website visitors into paying customers. While new traffic is excellent, it’s also important to also focus on getting more out of existing traffic and leads. Here at Raw.Studio we aim to enhance your website and content to boost conversions.

Core conversion rate optimisation services


UX/UI Audit

One thing we like to do with our clients is offer an initial UX/UI Audit where we analyse your current website and offer suggestions. You can also complete your own initial audit with our questionnaire here.



Whilst branding is a service in itself – it can greatly impact the level of interaction and number of conversions on your site. If a user trusts and relates to your brand, they are more likely to create a conversion.


UX / UI Design

We utilise our skills and processes in both UX and UI design to provide you with insightful research and refined designs, in turn building on your image and improving the overall usability and aesthetic appeal of your website.


Usability testing

Once we’ve done the work – it’s important that we test to see if it is effective. We recruit target users to engage with our designs and encourage them to speak their mind and give feedback.

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation Projects


Tank Stream Labs

Where a community becomes a catalyst for game-changing ideas



Rethinking how we find & hire photographers

Creative product design that gets results

Take your company to the next level with world class user experience and interface design.

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