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The Challenge


Our Solution


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01 The Challenge

Modernising Everdure’s web experience.

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal combines the latest technology with design aesthetics to produce barbeque products like no others. As their products continue to improve and modernise, their website has fallen a little behind, and it needed a rehaul to reflect the brand’s sleek and advanced values.


Our challenge is to elevate their already established products in the site, and to showcase their elaborate features while improving overall customer experience.

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02 Our solution

A makeover for Everdure’s e-commerce site.

To approach Everdure’s website revamp, we wanted to do a thorough design process by firstly using research to gather insights. From there, we created business strategy and user goals which we then based our design decisions on.


We worked collaboratively with Everdure to achieve the outcome that matches Everdure’s sophisticated brand.

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03 Research & Strategy

How does one use a barbeque?

Our primary goal in our short research time was to step into the shoes of a barbeque user. We discussed what they look for when purchasing a barbeque – whether in-store or browsing online, what information they expect to see and what they think of Everdure as a brand.

We observed the users as they interacted with the current Everdure website, navigating their way through searching for a product and adding it to their cart. We listened to any comments made and how they would envision an improved version of the flow and uncovered three main insights.

Research Insights

In summary, here are a few pointers that we have gathered from our user research.


user reviews

Customer reviews are an essential addition to Everdure’s website, serving as asocial proof and improving SEO.


detailed information

Barbeques are a big investment. Customers want to feel like they have access to all the information they need before deciding on a purchase.


lack of sophistication

Everdure’s current website are cluttered and contained outdated sections. These should be reviewed to match Everdure’s high-end brand.

04 UX/UI Design


We started with a wireframe, keeping in mind Everdure’s branding and user requirements.

Creating a refined, immersive barbeque experience

The last stage was to design the website. Our vision was to create a user friendly interface that was easy to navigate and look for the right information – whilst reflecting Everdure’s brand’s style and values.

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