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Why Branding?

Your brand is a direct reflection of what your customers should expect from you. Positively positioning your brand in the minds of a target audience requires a strategic approach to visual, verbal & physical communication. Good branding encapsulates the DNA of a company and forms a deep internal connection with customers.

Core Branding Services


What’s your core values?

At Raw.Studio we’ve developed a series of engaging and fun workshops that help us formulate a clear understanding of our client’s core brand DNAs.

  • Branding workshop & interactive exercises
  • Understanding your company vision & DNA
  • Target audience research & competitive analysis

Logo concepts & design

We’ve helped shape the face of numerous world class companies by creating meaningful logo designs. Our logos are creative yet abstract, unique yet familiar.

  • Methodically creative approach
  • Intentional logo design that conveys meaningful concepts
  • Timeless, flexible and highly adaptable design

Colour and visual design

We understand that users perceive meaning in colour. This meaning is cultural and changes over time. Colour can also be used to form a differentiation from competitors.

  • Choosing brand colours that align with your values
  • Differentiating from competitors with unique colour palettes
  • Brand & colour guidelines for internal & external stakeholders

Tone of voice & messaging

We help companies convey their brand’s character and relate with target audiences through the thoughtful use of particular phrases, tone of voice, key messages and motifs.

  • User centred messages aligned to customer motivations
  • Recognisable key messages and phrases
  • Messaging that conveys trust and increases conversions

Our Branding Projects


Tank Stream Labs

Where a community becomes a catalyst for game-changing ideas



Rethinking how we find & hire photographers

Creative product design that gets results

Take your company to the next level with world class user experience and interface design.

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