Re-defining the way Australian’s buy and sell automobiles

94,000+ listings since launch in 2018.
+30% in funnel conversions.
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Autotrader US had their eyes on the growing Australian market

Cox (a fortune 500 company) was determined to bring their Autotrader product offering from the US over to Australia. The team approached Raw.Studio to strategise, design and re-define the way Australians buy and sell cars.

autotrader raw studio ux product design

Dived deep into an intensive,
2 week research sprint

We used various tactical methods and tools to help us better understand what customers really wanted and needed. The sprint commenced with general desk research and drafting of  proto-personas to help us better formulate our understandings.

We then dived deep into 10 customer interviews which helped the team uncover further insights. From the qualitative data we gathered, we concluded with:

Pain points:

  • Negotiation: Sellers were not sure how to price their vehicle and their ability to ‘sell’ the vehicle.
  • Buyer Management: Sellers found it difficult filtering through “time wasters”, working around their life schedule and also general personal safety.
  • Personal Safety: Depending on the seller’s previous experience, gender, age and type of car, a different level of safety was expected.

Customer needs:

  • Selling method that is “WORTH IT”
  • Easy to build, reliable, safe advertising space
  • Safe way to manage car buyers & car inspections

Customer wants:

  • Sell quicker
  • Sell at desired price
  • Not having to deal with ‘timewasters’

Drove our experience with a value-led approach

autotrader raw studio ux product design
autotrader raw studio case study
autotrader raw studio case study

To differentiate ourselves from competitors, we avoided asking customers to pick a tiered package to list their car and to provide extensive personal/vehicle details from the get go; as they are obvious road-blockers in an experience.

As a new marketplace seeking product market fit, we acknowledged we did not have the brand awareness or authority to create 'forced funnels'.

Since we discovered 8/10 car owners are unsure how much their vehicle is worth, we strategically placed a dopamine-hitting, price guideline box at the start of the funnel. Not only does this solve a major pain point, it also allows us to automatically populate vehicle details for them.

Improving listing quality through snap and upload

autotrader raw studio case study

The chances of a successful sale is highly dependant on the photos provided by the seller.

The question we needed to ask ourselves was, how do we enable our users to easily upload photos of their vehicle? 

We needed to 2 part solution. One that helped educate and guide the user to taking the right photos but also allowed them to seamlessly upload it as ease of use was a highly demanded request from customers who have sold a vehicle online before.

Instead of a standard upload option, we strategised and designed a smart ‘Snap and Sync’ experience that ironed out all the major pain points when it came to ‘taking photos’ of their vehicle.

A customer-led, guided experience with completion cues

autotrader raw studio case study

The more details a seller can provide about their vehicle, the more likely they’ll make a sale; which is the ultimate goal. One of our key initiatives was to implement a few mechanisms that encouraged users to ‘share more’.

We can not assume people ‘are lazy’ or ‘don’t want to write’. People  don’t mind if they:

1) Know exactly why they need to provide more details
2) Know how much to write
3) Know exactly what to write about

This led to us designing a set of indicators that educated the user on all 3 pain points.

Project summary

6 weeks
94,000+ listings
Launched within 12 weeks
Componentised entire platform
+30% conversions in funnel

“I've worked with Raw.Studio on a couple of projects now and really value their skills and abilities. They are confident and capable offering exceptional product design work. They are quick in turning things around and very easy to collaborate with which makes working with the team seamless.”

— Fawne Rowlands
Senior Product Manager @AutoTrader


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