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The Challenge

Managing bills is something is really important yet no one wants to spend time doing it. The essence of the 1bill app is to provide convenience to the users when it comes to dealing with bills. So how can we put together great features into an app that can make things easy and generate benefits for the users while reaching the business goals?

1bill challenge - old website preview

The Proposal

Raw.Studio will redesign the whole 1bill app including its branding to bring to life a product that offers multiple features and delivers convenience and benefits to the user.

  • Branding workshop
  • UX Design
  • Project Planning
  • Prototypes
  • Design System
  • Wireframes
  • User Interfaces
  • Responsive Web Design
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Product Strategy

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UI Design

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UX Design

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Web Development

Services Product Strategy at Raw.Studio

Product Strategy

Our approach

In order to set a strategy, we did a UX audit to find the weakness of the current app that has been developed and then propose some improvements. Interview the client to really understand the product and its innovative convenience features like automatic payment of bills and finding better bill rate deals.

  • At glance display what services 1bill can provide

  • Get the user to input as much information into the account so 1bill can provide more and better services

  • Create a fun aspect and generate engagement through gamification

1bill - proposal call with clients
Services Branding at Raw.Studio


A brand renovation

The 1bill brand needed a revamp. The goal was to modernise and align the visual style with its sister company – Compare and Connect.

  • Get away from the dull visual identity 1bill previously had,
    by designing a brand that reflects the innovation and convenience of 1bill services.
  • Bring some design elements from Compare and Connect, like colour palette and shapes.
1bill branding
1bill branding
1bill branding
Services UX Design at Raw.Studio

UX Design


With a new branding and the Compare & Connect design system in mind, we set to create the screens for 1Bill with 3 mains goals: Engaging, Design-focused, and overall simple to use.

1bill ux design

Making bill management simple and fun

By designing a simple yet engaging product we were able to create a bill management tool that helps users save money and time and on top of it, get rewards.

Gamifying the sign-up process

In order to provide the best service, 1bill needs the user to input as much information when signing up to the app. To encourage the user to do so, we implemented the strategy of rewarding the users by giving Qantas points every time they completed their profile.

Learn about Gamification in your learn article

gamification 1bill

Badges and points

As part of the engagement tactic, we created a series of badges to give users the generate a sense of accomplishment and status when they achieve some milestones. These badges always come with 1Bill points which makes these achievements tangible when these points are redeemed.

1bill rewards
Services UI Design at Raw.Studio

UI Design

Organise information

We want to make things easier to the user and that includes saving the user’s time. We analysed what type of information the bills usually show and the result is a simple card that summarises what’s more important on the bill so users don’t get distracted and frustrated with too much information. If needed, the user can always find more details when selecting a specific bill.

1bill ui design

Find better deals

One of the great features of this app is the capability to quickly compare the rate the user is paying against other suppliers. We decided to display that to the user through a very simple and visual card that explores colour coding to communicate this information and trigger another great feature of the app which is the ability to show better rate deal in the market.

1bill deals

Generating engagement through rewards

We decided to introduce a points system so every action the users take, they get rewarded with 1Bill Points. From completing the profile or paying a bill, the users will always get rewarded by 1bill with points and access to exclusive benefits and offers.

1bill rewards points
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