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The Challenge

Cox (a fortune 500 company) was determined to bring their Autotrader product offering from the US over to Australia. The team approached Raw.Studio to strategise, design and re-define the way Australians buy and sell cars. (Photo taken in Autotrader’s UK offices)

Raw Studio Autotrader

The Proposal

Raw.Studio proposed using a variety of tactical methods to better understand what customers really needed. This research would then play into the design of a completely new marketplace experience equipt with ad manager.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Interviews
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Design Thinking
  • Component Library
  • Typography
  • Wireframes
  • User Interfaces
  • Prototypes
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile App Designs

Product Strategy


UX/UI Design

Design System

Product Strategy & Research

Intensive 2 week research sprint

The sprint commenced with general desk research and drafting of proto-personas to help us better formulate our understandings. We then generated hypothesises and conducted the interviews which enable us to identify several key themes.

  • 10 customer interviews
  • User pain points: negotiations, management, safety
  • User needs: easy to create ads, safe inspections
  • User wants: Seller quicker, sell at desired price
Raw Studio Autotrader

Value-led experience design

To differentiate ourselves from competitors, we avoided asking customers to pick a tiered package to list their car and to provide extensive personal/vehicle details from the get go; as they are obvious road-blockers in an experience.

  • 8/10 car owners don’t know their vehicle’s worth
  • We created a competitive advantage with free evaluation tools
Raw Studio Autotrader

UX/UI Design

Drive sales with helpful UX

The chances of a successful sale is highly dependant on the photos provided by the seller. After identify pain points regarding image upload we designed a feature that helped educate and guide users in taking high quality photos and uploading them seamlessly.

Raw Studio Autotrader

Dashboard Design

Customer-led UX that delights and converts

By creating helpful cues, user fiendly features and smart conversion tactics we were able to produce a product that solved users pain points and exceeded our clients strategic goals.

Design System

A component library built for speed

We designed this system to be a robust set of high quality ready-made UI components such as buttons, dialogs, icons and more.

The result

I've worked with Raw.Studio on a couple of projects now and really value his skills and abilities. They are confident and capable offering exceptional product design work. They are quick in turning things around and very easy to collaborate with which makes working with the team seamless.

Fawne Rowlands

Fawne Rowlands

Senior Product Manager @ Autotrader

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