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8 weeks

The Challenge

Propper supports property owners and tenants with property investment and management, placing customer needs and wants at the core of their work. Propper wanted to shift the perception of its brand toward more premium and customer-centric. The other part of the challenge was restructuring the website to increase conversions and educate about Propper’s offerings.

Propper image of the old website

The Proposal

This project aimed to create a brand strategy that would reflect Propper’s business values and apply it across new web products improving customer experience and increasing conversions.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Branding workshop
  • Concept Generation
  • UX Audit
  • Website Optimiation Workshop
  • Brand identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Design System
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Visual Assets
ServicesProduct Strategy at Raw.Studio

Product Strategy

ServicesUI Design at Raw.Studio

UI Design

ServicesUX Design at Raw.Studio

UX Design

ServicesBranding at Raw.Studio


ServicesDesign Workshop at Raw.Studio

Design Workshop

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Web Development

ServicesConversion Rate Optimisation at Raw.Studio

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Services Product Strategy at Raw.Studio

Setting the foundation

Research & strategy

We worked with the client to understand where the brand was currently sitting and how it needed to be re-positioned. We identified Propper’s future place on the market and the desired customer perception.

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor Landscape

  • Undertanding their key USP

  • Putting together their Brand Voice

  • Putting together their Brand Personas

Brand Matrix of Propper
Services Branding at Raw.Studio

Bringing Propper’s identity to life

Brand Elevation

Once the brand’s core values were established, we started bringing the new identity to life. The focus of the new identity was on Propper’s customer-centric mindset – building long-term relationships with their customers, layer by layer. We used rounded, friendly shapes layered one above the other as a visual metaphor for this concept.

New identity, new logo

This approach set the start of logo re-design. Layering building the blocks combined with a growth mindset and the real estate industry inspired a new memorable logo mark.

Designed for scalability

Focused on creating a collective, TSL extends to its sub-brands, creating an ecosystem where each sub-logo has a strong link to the primary. To reflect TSL’s fun personality, we added a touch of excitement with the pop of colour and icons in the sub-brand logos.

New Logo

Propper new logo single - Raw.Studio

Old Logo

propper old logo - Raw.Studio
Frame 5990 - Raw.Studio Frame 5992 - Raw.Studio
Propper Branding Slide 3 1 - Raw.Studio
Propper Branding Slide 1 1 - Raw.Studio
Propper Branding Slide 4 1 - Raw.Studio
Services Market/User Research at Raw.Studio

Strategising for success

UX strategy & research

We conducted an in-depth audit of the existing website and identified valuable insights on what needs to be improved to increase conversions and improve customer experience.

Product strategy Propper

Our approach

At Raw.Studio, any design project always begins with a strong strategy. During the planning stage, we start with understanding your customer so that we can find the most effective ways to optimise their journey. This results in a reduced churn rate and delightful user experiences that keep your clients returning.

Marketing website

Once there is a solid strategic foundation for the web product, design implementation comes in place. The new mobile-first website was designed to show the value Propper brings to the customers and convert. Inevitably, unique visual language helped deliver the information in a digestible and impactful way.

Increase in Conversion


The result

Highly recommend Raw.Studio if you’re looking for high quality brand strategy, design & web development delivery. We were very happy with the end products across brand, design and website development. And not only that, the overall process was run seamlessly from day 1. The agenda, deliverables and next steps were always very clear following every session, meaning that the project was delivered on time, on spec and on budget.

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propper Jorden Minos COO headshot

Jorden Minos

COO of Propper

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