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What’s 1Question?

1Question is an AI-fuelled application that allows for seamless, consolidated learning moments that can be integrated into your child’s daily online activity. When a child goes to open an app, they will be asked to answer some mathematical questions before they can go on with their screen time – whether that be a game or social media.

image showing someone with the 1question mobile app

The Proposal

After having our first catch up with the team at 1Question, we set about creating a tailored approach to their product. The idea was there, and the start of a design too – so we took it upon ourselves to plan a high fidelity parent and child application – that would exceed expectations and get them the investment they deserved.

  • Discovery Workshop
  • User Flows and IA
  • Gamified Approach
  • Design Iterations
  • UX/UI Audit
  • Design System
  • Information Architecture
  • High Fidelity Design + Prototype
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Design Workshop

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

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A Gamified Approach

Gamification is an excellent tool to give your app an addictive and exciting edge. It is particularly good when working for a younger audience in order to keep them engaged in a task that they may not initially be too excited about.

Visible Progression
Visible Progression

Showing your user that progress has been creates a sense of accomplishment, and can encourage people to continue using the product in order to continue their progression.

Certificates and Badges
Certificates and Badges

Providing some form of reward – in this case badges or certificates, is a simple et effective way to ignite an exciting sense of accomplishment and achievement to the individual.

Ranking and Statistics
Ranking and Statistics

Promoted / demotion can ignite emotion. Being promoted encourages the user to continue excelling, and being demoted encourages hard work to get back to the level they were at.

Services Product Strategy at Raw.Studio

Information Architecture

Before delving into the screens, our designers set out to create a bit of a framework, setting the foundations for our high fidelity prototypes.

1question Information Architecture
1question Information Architecture

Further Gamification

We kept this approach going throughout both the parent and child app, utilising our gamification aspects to draw interest and excitement into the concept of mandatory mathematical questions.

1question customisable experience

An encouraging interaction

We utilised our gamified approach when designing our question screens. We kept things simple, with large, clear buttons and a little bit of fun with our monster characters. When a child goes well, there is an encouraging “Excellent!” overlay, and rewards following if applicable.

Further Gamification

We kept this approach going throughout both the parent and child app, utilising our gamification aspects to draw interest and excitement into the concept of mandatory mathematical questions.

  • Shared success – It allows for the adult to be able to track and celebrate their child’s learning successes with ease.

  • Badges and Awards – To encourage the user to continue to learn and grow through the 1Question app.

Further gamification of 1question

Visible Progression

We implemented a level-based system for the different mathematical skillsets in order to measure the child’s success and areas for improvement.
Statistics + Data Visualisation 
Similarly to shared successes, this data visualisation adds to the product’s informative aspect, so you’re always kept in the loop.

1question track progression image
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Design System

We were able to successfully create an extensive design system for our clients in a short period of time.

1Question Colours - Raw.Studio
1Question Logo Colour - Raw.Studio
1Question Typography - Raw.Studio

1Question raising 1.9M

Play Video

Issac speaking about 1Question on Startup daily

1question video preview

The result

Great designs! Project completed on time & on budget. Looking forward to the next project.

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What is the 1Question app and why does every parent need it? Image by AusBiz

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